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Stichting International Youth Bridges


Stichting International Youth Bridges is a non-political, non-religious, non-governmental organisation that welcomes youth peace initiatives and young peace builders regardless of gender, ethnicity, social class, religion, or any other distinction.


SIYB was built on the potential of youth work and non-formal learning. SIYB supports the development of youth-policies and youth-work, and promotes international co-operation, sustainable contacts, intercultural understanding, tolerance, social inclusion by developing Human Rights, Gender Equality and by tackling all issues that can effect youth, like sport.


SIYB offers trainings to both non-governmental and governmental, as well as profit guided structures. SIYB creates an safe, neutral space for people from various backgrounds, perspectives and experiences to meet each other, to develop ideas, to share information, share ideas and social time, and to increase the visibility, effectiveness and abilities of those ideas.


We organise trainings on

  • Human Rights Education
  • Conflict management
  • Organizational management
  • Project management
  • Intercultural learning
  • Citizenship and democracy
  • Media, photography and video
  • Unemployment
  • Entreperneurship
  • Creativity
  • Personal development


What we are doing ?

  • Organize charity actions
  • Participate and arrange youth exchanges, training courses, seminars and contact meetings with other countries;


SIYB is a volunteer based structure, based on voluntary financial investments of its founders.

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